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And, I'm off again~ America, I return to you. The US Open ought to be interesting this year. I look forward to seeing you there, Tokugawa.

Liliadent-kun, Akaya, call me if you have any problems while staying there. Those box tickets should last for the whole tournament and for any of the matches, even the ones I'm not playing.

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FINALLY back in Japan, if only for six days. Phew, I'm tired. Winning Cincinatti wasn't much of a surprise, though the fight put up by Isner was completely surprising. I wasn't expecting it. Serves me right for underestimating him.

Kura, I have a bit of paperwork to finalise tomorrow evening, so I might be late to our date. I'll send you a text if I actually will be late.

Akaya, are we still on for the 20th? Where would you like to meet?

Renji, Genichirou, are you free this week? We could meet up? I still have yet to meet Himawari-chan and it's been a while since I've seen you in person, Renji. And Genichirou, I need to congratulate you on your promotion ^__^

Tezuka, would you like to do our practise match this week or after the US Open?

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Montreal tournament's over. I won (surprise, surprise). But...I might be late to Cincinatti. My plane has delays. It's almost 11pm. The tournament starts tomorrow. I can't miss Cincinatti, it's an ATP 1000. I have no idea what to do :/ Usually, my tournaments are a little more spread I can afford to lose some time....but not this one.

~Quietly stressing out in the corner, Yukimura
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Okay, so August's going to be a busy month~! Four major ATP tournaments, five publicity events, three photoshoots and a recording session with Echizen. Phew. I wonder if I'll get the time to sleep through all of this ^^;

I'll be in America from today onwards basically. I'll be coming back to Japan during the 19th and 24th, so I can sign a couple papers and do another photoshoot. If anyone needs me, contact me through this journal or come and find me during my short break from America ^^;

Screened to Kuranosuke )

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It was quite tragic. Over the last eight weeks, a huge amount of weeds built up in my garden and my tomatoes had the nerve to die on me. But thanks to Saeki-kun, I managed to replace them with some lovely begonias, in a shade I haven't seen before.

And does anyone know how to keep birds away from plants without hurting them? Most of the fruits on my strawberry plants were damaged by birds, though the plant itself still survives.

I am on a quest to try and convince Sanada to get one of these, but he is quite stubbornly traditional and refuses to give in, despite me bribing him with ginseng oolong tea.

And also, I got a sponsor request by Nike, so I'll be jetting off to America in a week to take part in a photo shoot and formalise the contract with them. It should be pretty fun. I believe that Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams are all sponsored by Nike as well, so I'll be doing a photoshoot with them, most likely.



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