tennis_no_ko: (uneasy) agent has found new ways to drive me up the wall. She means well....but honestly, I haven't done nearly enough to write an autobiography. I know that I actually have time to sit down and write something, but I neither want to nor have enough life experience to be able to make it a seller.

I've always thought it's a bit stupid for younger celebrities to release autobiographies. What have you done in such a short period of time that merits a whole book? Even if you've been a child star, I honestly think you can only really write autobiographies once you've passed forty, at least. That's when you've gained enough life experience and tact to be able to judge your own life without too much bias.

But that's my own opinion. Even with a life as interesting as mine, I honestly can't fill a book.

For Valentine's Day, I have a slightly cold date planned. Bring a coat too, it's gonna be chilly. You might not be able to see me under the layers of clothing~

I have two candidates narrowed down. I'm going to be hiring your services since Genichirou is ill. How much for a day?
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It's funny, how these things happen. My mother called today wanting to spend the New Years with us.....around five days too late. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or just hang up. I told her she'd missed the date and that Minoru was out with her friends anyway, grabbing some freedom days before the next term starts. I hope mother's been eating. But if she's forgotten what day it is, I doubt it. Scientists! Never know what to do with them! Still haven't heard from father. I might just march down to his office and shake him. Or chuck tennis balls at him.

But I've been managing to get some free time, since Minoru's out with friends and filming is on hiatus while everyone returns from holidays. Spent some time with my plants, and I painted some landscapes. I went out to Tokyo street centre and did some paintings of the urban scene and some temples. It was lovely, though I had to ignore the people there, since they wouldn't stand in one place for me!

I had some time to think to myself though, and I've been tossing around ideas for that little miracle of mine. Tell me Echizen, does your father ever enter competitions with magazines and newspapers to win things or go places? Or would you or someone close to you?

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So. The press conference today was a laugh. I'm really concerned for the medical health of the reporters. That much imagination and blatant twisting of facts can only be due to some serious drug addiction. I found out a lot of facts about me today that I didn't know myself!

Firstly, the rivalry between Echizen and I is obviously repressed sexual tension. The fact that we had dinner last night must mean that we're dating. Of course. For goodness sakes, no one ever said that about Rafa and Federer, so why the hell would they do that for me and Echizen?

Two, in a complete reversal of events, I have been voted the most eligible bachelor of the year. And I have also been voted most likely to be gay. Why? Because I look girly. Thanks a bunch, tabloids. You really know how to boost my self-esteem. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that I am gay, but calling me girly was low. LOW. And let's not even go there with how they treated being gay like it was a funny joke.

And finally, retirement plans already. Wow. I'm 24, for goodness sakes. I have no plans of retiring from tennis until I'm at least 30. And I think I may need to fire my medical team, because, you know, private medical details are supposed to stay that way! Whatever happened to patient confidentiality? Just because I'm having trouble sleeping, doesn't mean that I'm going to retire.

Now that's all out, I'm just going to go enjoy a play at the Globe Theatre and pretend that this never happened. I'm still waiting on a legitimate press conference.


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