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Back home on Japanese soil. Lately, jetlag's been hitting me more than normal, but it's so much easier to adjust when you go forward in time instead of back. The season's over, so I'll be free to actually be around.

Yagyuu, Niou, Jackal, any of you want to go out for a drink or for dinner sometime soon? I haven't seen you all in a long time. Bunta, how about I stop by your cafe, I wouldn't want to be a bad influence on Remi-chan by taking her dad drinking somewhere.

Kura, are you still at my place or back at you and Yukari's house?
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Happy Birthday, Bunta! It's been great knowing you so far; thank you for being such a good friend to me. I shall see you at your party today, with something nice, hopefully. Have a great day :)

In other words, I told Minoru about what went happened between myself and my father...I was expecting disapproval, but she asked why I hadn't hit him more. Good to know it's a family thing, and not just me. She keeps pestering me to bring her study books so she can finish reading up on engineering. I don't know whether to do it or not. It's not as strenuous as doing something physical is, but I have a feeling that she'll sleep less when she has her studying materials around her. Honestly, you'd think she enjoyed studying >>;

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My date with Kuranosuke went well~! I think it's safe to say we're officially dating now.

I didn't say anything before, since neither of us were really sure of anything, but it worked out, so I'm happy to spill. So, yesss....try and keep it out of the media please. Last thing I need are more questions about my personal life, hehe ^^;

Oh, and thanks for the soufflé, Bunta. It was much appreciated~!



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