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Ahh, just a quick reminder, since Roger just reminded me now. Go buy the charity album! It's out now! Echizen and I's duet is there along with plenty of other famous people, not just tennis players. All proceeds go to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

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And my first and probably only foray into the world of music was concluded today while the women's finals happened. That was exhausting. I have a newfound respect for all singers. And that was just one song! I think I might have gone insane if more were involved :/

I think the problem might have been that both Echizen and I were inexperienced and had no idea what they wanted from us and what the machinery did. Everybody was very relieved when the day was over, let's just put it that day. And I thought modelling was stressful....

In any case, we were some of the last people to record, so the charity album will be on sale during the US Open! Go buy it! Echizen and I's duet is not the only famous song on that CD! I'm pretty sure that Federer's got a song on there too, as well as a tonne of other surprise guests from all over the celebrity realm. All proceeds go to Great Ormond Street Hospital, so please donate~



Jul. 11th, 2013 11:35 am
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Echizen, did you get a letter about doing a song duet together for charity? Because I did. And I would like to refuse, but it's a charity event. And if I don't, my conscience will never let me sleep again.

I would prefer to play doubles with you in all honesty. And I'm dreadful at doubles ^^;

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