Mar. 9th, 2014 11:27 am
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Mother's finally left. She and Min-Min went down to Kanagawa for two weeks, leaving me free for a while. I left strict instructions with Mother and Min-Min so they should be okay together....I hope. But Minoru was pretty insistent about leaving for a couple of days.

Alas, the tournaments don't align with me, so I can't just fly over to Indian Wells and play. Or even to Miami, because it starts March 26 and ends after Min-Min returns home. This is driving me insane. So I think I might just go play pick-up tennis back at Rikkai High School. Coach for a couple of days or something. It'll be fun to be back in that environment again, And they'll be gearing up for Districts, so I can help out a little.

I'm in some deep shit. Why do crazy stalker fans exist? How did she manage to get that picture of Kura and I kissing, anyway? And my address too! If she releases those, I'll never have a moment of peace again. I've already admitted I'm openly gay and dating someone, but if they find out who....

But I can't just stop dating Kura and start dating her. Life doesn't work like that. I'm still gay and I'm still head over heels for him. And I can't tell my bodyguard or my agent either, because they'll take serious action and she'll release the picture and my address anyway. Keeping in contact with her to try and negotiate is driving me up the bend. Thank god Minoru wanted to leave with Mother. I can stress out by myself. I just want some privacy. Is that too much to ask?

And here I am, talking to myself to sort this out. Wonderful....I really am going insane.

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Thank you for your wellwishes! My presents from fans has filled my garden and house! It's rather humbling and overwhelming to behold. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. Minoru is appreciating the fact that she can eat all of my chocolate and I can't, so the fans made her happy too >>;

I got another huge surprise, this morning, however. My mother showed up on the doorstep of my house after nearly...four years of not really seeing her in person. To say I was surprised, would be something of an understatement. She looked okay, but as messy and unorganized as ever. I was sort of curious, as to why she'd remembered my birthday this year, but turns out she was only just replying to my message about Minoru's illness. Again, this mixed feeling between laughing and crying, considering I sent that message two and a half months ago. Why does she do this to me?

And she gets talkative when she's drunk, apparently. She started talking about why she had gotten so distant all of a sudden, when I was a kid. An explanation I would have liked a few years ago, frankly. And, it was perhaps a huge shock to discover that my father had been something of a womanizer and had been cheating on her behind her back with several women. In fact, he'd actually managed to have a kid with one of them, when I was two years old. Guess who's winning best parenting award? :D That's right, not this guy.

But I grew less impressed with her, if that's even possible, because when one of your partners is a shitty parent, you're not supposed to mimic his actions. You're supposed to pick up his slack or stay the same, not neglect the kids even more. I swear, if I ever have kids, the only way I'll drive them insane is over too much affection and trying to train them to take over the world.

Anyway, she knew the identity of our half-brother and figured out when I was seven...but didn't bother to mention this to me, yet again. Do I have to get her drunk every time I want important information? "Happy birthday, you have a half-sibling, who've you've actually been aware of for most of your life." Brilliant tact. But in any case, Dan-kun! We're half-siblings :) Hi~ I'm assuming you were as clueless as I was?

Not quite sure what to make of this, but I'm going to look on the bright side and hit my father so hard when I next see him that he's going to hit a wall :D That ought to cheer me up a bit.

-Faithfully yours, Seiichi
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Well, thanks to Akutsu-san, I now have a bodyguard. He's very competent, though could work on his sense of humour. But I'm sure that will develop with time and exposure :)

Watching the Winter Olympics, despite the lack of tennis, makes me quite excited for the 2016 Olympics. I hope, that thanks to our efforts this past couple of years, in both women's and men's, Japan will actually be able to medal. Though, I'm not looking forward to the heat at Rio de Janeiro. Maria's been texting me a lot from the Olympics, with lots of exclamation over Russian victories, which I suppose, is adding to the excitement for two years time. I'd better be back in the game by then.

Bodyguard may help protect from anything physical, but it doesn't help with the zealous emails and fanmails that no longer just border on creepy. I could ask for it to get screened, but that would feel like cheating, giving in. I'm not going to be affected by their comments, I'm better than that. Still, it makes me uneasy. I'm getting back to having difficulty sleeping at night. Except it's not because of timezones anymore.
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Stage one of finding a bodyguard is underway. I have actually quite a few people applying, but I have no idea how to narrow them down. My two options currently are run them through something similar to speed dating. They have three minutes to tell me why I should hire them. Or, I have each of them bodyguard me for a day and stage something to happen that they have to react to. Whoever reacts the best gets the spot.

On the one hand, the second option is more useful to see their efficiency, but it's expensive. The first one's cheap, but if they just talk big, I could be fooled over.

Min-min has plenty of ideas, but all of them are useless, so I've resorted to ignoring her. She finds this all too amusing. I still feel like yakuza or something.
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I wish fans understood that we celebrities would like them better if they acted more like normal people and if they weren't fucking creepy. And I have very high standards for what counts as creepy!
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I've been doing some bulk fanletter answering now since this winter break proves to be busy, as expected. And as per usual, I think the best letters come from the children. They're always so fun to read and not nearly as creepy at the middle-aged women and men who want me to marry them. I also like when they take pictures of them with tennis rackets and say they were inspired, because that's always heartwarming to read. Also, that means a new tennis generation is being made! :D

But one stood out to me, from a french child. In France and most of Europe, like Liliadent mentioned, there's a counterpart to Father Christmas. In France, he's called Father Whipping or Père Fouetteard. Not quite as creepy looking as Germany's Krampus and definitely not as scary. but instead of bad children getting bad presents, bad children in France are kidnapped by Père Foeuttard for one night and whipped. And because I am a bad, bad person, my mind went to the gutter the first time I heard about that.

Anyway, the actual letter said that since her parents said she was bad, she was scared of Pere Fouettard coming to get her. But she wondered whether I could come to France this Christmas and help her launch a tennis ball attack on Père Foeuttard and free all the other children who got caught by him. I couldn't help but laugh and think that this is exactly what I would have done as a child. Heck, I'd do it now. It makes me so proud to see a new generation of cute young children growing up!

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I think I'd like to go die in a hole now please....

I love my fans, but sometimes they can get too embarrassing. Somehow, they managed to get baby pictures and asked me to sign them :/ I signed, but I think I must have gone the colour of my shirt.

...I still look like a lobster. Oh god. There are some with you as well, Genichirou. I forgot how cute we looked as children, though. You were actually smiling in one of them ^__^

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Fuck. That was such a bad decision. I’m never visiting childrens’ wards again in public.

I shouldn’t have accepted that publicity event, but I didn’t want to refuse, especially when they said that all the children would really appreciate a celebrity visit. When I walked in, they’d made all made little posters or things for me and it was so touching. I spent a lot of the time talking with them about my experiences with Guillain Barre and how I dealt with it and how I got better and asking them about how they felt and what they wanted for birthdays and what they enjoyed in their lives.

A lot of the children were asking whether they’d get better like I did….and though the doctor had told me beforehand that a few of them might not survive, I lied and told them yes, because medicine and hope would always win against death. But there was this one little girl who called me out on it, because she said that there was no cure for muscle atrophy and she was going to die anyway.

I had to take a break then. Shit, I started crying. Still am. It’’s just like how I felt back in middle school. It’’s still raw. I genuinely thought I was going to die. I was writing wills and confessions before my operation for everybody. I had a list of things to see before I die....

I don’t know if I can go back into the room and pretend like everybody in the room is going to be okay and is going to survive, because that's unrealistic. I’m still crying now. This was a horrible idea... your phone on?


Jul. 7th, 2013 09:39 am
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YES! Wimbledon Championship! I beat Echizen. 7-5, 4-6, 6-3, 7-5. Looks like the scores evened out a little, Echizen. 5-4 now. I'll be looking forward to playing you again. I'll see you tonight at Alain Ducasse.
Atobe, I look forward to paying for once. Bunta, I'll be paying you a visit in about a week.

Thank you everybody, for all of your support. I can't tell you how much it means to me. I'm constantly overwhelmed by how you all honour me and place your faith in me.

Now excuse me while I go babble at my coach and sign stuff for fans....


EDIT: World Number 2 ATP Ranking! I think I might just die from happiness.
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Somebody kill me now. I've been training from five in the morning to seven at night, while only stopping to eat lunch. What is wrong with me? *flops bonelessly onto bed*

In other words, Atobe, you'd better be ready for Kaminaga to place an order for a tonne of new plants. I went to go and see him yesterday and we managed to wrack up four sides of A4 sheets worth of improvements to be made in both England and your Japan estate. Good luck with that.

And I love my fans, I really do, but please, if you know anybody who is a rabid fan, can you ask them to not send me lingerie? It's mortifying, pretty disgusting if they've been used and I'm not going to keep them. I'd prefer a letter or an email.



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