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Well, thanks to Akutsu-san, I now have a bodyguard. He's very competent, though could work on his sense of humour. But I'm sure that will develop with time and exposure :)

Watching the Winter Olympics, despite the lack of tennis, makes me quite excited for the 2016 Olympics. I hope, that thanks to our efforts this past couple of years, in both women's and men's, Japan will actually be able to medal. Though, I'm not looking forward to the heat at Rio de Janeiro. Maria's been texting me a lot from the Olympics, with lots of exclamation over Russian victories, which I suppose, is adding to the excitement for two years time. I'd better be back in the game by then.

Bodyguard may help protect from anything physical, but it doesn't help with the zealous emails and fanmails that no longer just border on creepy. I could ask for it to get screened, but that would feel like cheating, giving in. I'm not going to be affected by their comments, I'm better than that. Still, it makes me uneasy. I'm getting back to having difficulty sleeping at night. Except it's not because of timezones anymore.
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It's funny, how these things happen. My mother called today wanting to spend the New Years with us.....around five days too late. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or just hang up. I told her she'd missed the date and that Minoru was out with her friends anyway, grabbing some freedom days before the next term starts. I hope mother's been eating. But if she's forgotten what day it is, I doubt it. Scientists! Never know what to do with them! Still haven't heard from father. I might just march down to his office and shake him. Or chuck tennis balls at him.

But I've been managing to get some free time, since Minoru's out with friends and filming is on hiatus while everyone returns from holidays. Spent some time with my plants, and I painted some landscapes. I went out to Tokyo street centre and did some paintings of the urban scene and some temples. It was lovely, though I had to ignore the people there, since they wouldn't stand in one place for me!

I had some time to think to myself though, and I've been tossing around ideas for that little miracle of mine. Tell me Echizen, does your father ever enter competitions with magazines and newspapers to win things or go places? Or would you or someone close to you?

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My garden is looking better. Three days of non-stop work pays off, it seems. I also managed to paint a few new pictures, though they weren't as good as my usual paintings. Also had a photoshoot with a perfume company and a contract signed for a guest appearance in some popular sitcom. Looks like my schedule during the off season's going to be as busy as ever ^^; Whoop-de-fucking-doo

I'm getting rather fed up of reporters asking me how I feel about losing the US Open. Losing isn't fun and it motivates me to do better. What else do they want me to say? I cry in bed at night? I drown my sorrows in alcohol? I'm swearing revenge or something? Honestly....Like I'd say anything like that to them.

Niou, are we still on for coding and general computer handling lessons? I think we should probably start once the off-season really begins in November. I'll be free in Japan for that time period.

-Yours tiredly, Seiichi

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Someone out there really doesn't like me this week....I arrived back home and eight of my flowers have died. Or. are close to death, but I may have to kill them to put them out of their misery, since there's no way they're going to recover again.

...I can regrow them and replant them and make them better than they were before, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt to see them go. It's like seeing pets or children die, especially after I dedicated so much time to keeping them alive.

...I need a new gardener who knows what the fuck they're doing. Excuse me while I go play tennis against the wall until the wall or my racket breaks.
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Hmmm, today was troublesome. Though, it was perhaps my own fault for deciding to install the new bird feeders myself on watering day. I figured they'd leave my plants alone if I designated them an area in my garden for them to go to. I'll have to see how that works in the days to come. But thank you for the CD trick, Akaya, it's working like a charm against the strawberry plants.
And I'm contemplating the pros and cons of getting sprinklers for the plants. On the one hand, it would mean less work for myself, but it's such a waste of water, when a can of water will do the trick.

Echizen, we still need to sort out that CD. Luckily the release date isn't until after the US Open, but I'd rather not procrastinate. I have a few lyrics ideas and musical arrangements...but if you'd prefer to get a studio to write it for us, we can do that too. Do you play any instruments?

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Somebody kill me now. I've been training from five in the morning to seven at night, while only stopping to eat lunch. What is wrong with me? *flops bonelessly onto bed*

In other words, Atobe, you'd better be ready for Kaminaga to place an order for a tonne of new plants. I went to go and see him yesterday and we managed to wrack up four sides of A4 sheets worth of improvements to be made in both England and your Japan estate. Good luck with that.

And I love my fans, I really do, but please, if you know anybody who is a rabid fan, can you ask them to not send me lingerie? It's mortifying, pretty disgusting if they've been used and I'm not going to keep them. I'd prefer a letter or an email.

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Ahh, that was a lovely dinner and a good show. Thank you for the meal and box at the show, Atobe. And thank you for coming with me Yagyuu, Niou, Akaya. I appreciated all of your company. We should do it again, sometime.

I'll be flying out to America tomorrow afternoon for the photoshoot, then I'll be going to Wimbledon to get some last minute practise in on the grass courts. Sharapova-san will be doing the same, so we'll probably be training together. She has a lovely wit about her ^__^

Hopefully my garden will not get ravaged by birds again. Fingers crossed.

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It was quite tragic. Over the last eight weeks, a huge amount of weeds built up in my garden and my tomatoes had the nerve to die on me. But thanks to Saeki-kun, I managed to replace them with some lovely begonias, in a shade I haven't seen before.

And does anyone know how to keep birds away from plants without hurting them? Most of the fruits on my strawberry plants were damaged by birds, though the plant itself still survives.

I am on a quest to try and convince Sanada to get one of these, but he is quite stubbornly traditional and refuses to give in, despite me bribing him with ginseng oolong tea.

And also, I got a sponsor request by Nike, so I'll be jetting off to America in a week to take part in a photo shoot and formalise the contract with them. It should be pretty fun. I believe that Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams are all sponsored by Nike as well, so I'll be doing a photoshoot with them, most likely.



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