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I've reached World Number One in the ATP rankings~ A very sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody who supported me along the way! I appreciate every single gift, email or kind word in my way.

It was fun playing in the round-robin style tournament, since I got to play all of my opponents, not just a couple like you do with larger tournaments. I can't wait to do it again, especially with the British crowd. (Though I could do without the rainy weather ;A;)

I'll be home for another two whole months without going to another country! I get to relax for a bit. I think I'll stop in Tokyo for a week before going to Kyoto to check on Minoru. In that time, will you meet with me for a meal or something, Genichirou? My treat, since I got paid by Nike today as well :)

And Atobe, I owe you a movie-trip. Contact me about that. Oh, and I must be missing people I need to talk with. I'll contact everyone later, once I've attended the afterparty.

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-With all my heart, Seiichi
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Hah, it was nice to get a break before I got into the final leg of the tournament season this year. Shanghai Masters is my current tournament (that I'm on the plane towards), and then I'll be heading to Switzerland for Basel, then Paris Masters, so it's a busy month in October. I was thinking of doing a smaller tournament as well, inbetween the larger ones so I could accumulate a few more points in time for the Barclays World Tour Final, but I'm not sure whether to stick with Vienna or Stockholm.

Thanks again, Saeki-kun, for your advice on the plants to get for my garden, after my previous gardener ruined it. I'm very grateful for your help :)

Don't overwork yourself Genichirou! And have fun on your hiking trip, Yukari-chan!

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FINALLY back in Japan, if only for six days. Phew, I'm tired. Winning Cincinatti wasn't much of a surprise, though the fight put up by Isner was completely surprising. I wasn't expecting it. Serves me right for underestimating him.

Kura, I have a bit of paperwork to finalise tomorrow evening, so I might be late to our date. I'll send you a text if I actually will be late.

Akaya, are we still on for the 20th? Where would you like to meet?

Renji, Genichirou, are you free this week? We could meet up? I still have yet to meet Himawari-chan and it's been a while since I've seen you in person, Renji. And Genichirou, I need to congratulate you on your promotion ^__^

Tezuka, would you like to do our practise match this week or after the US Open?

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Montreal is gorgeous! The tournament doesn't start until the fifth, but since Genichirou and I arrived early, we decided to go sight seeing.

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Vieux Montreal will never not be among my top tourist locations. It's simply gorgeous to walk around and the locals are very friendly. They're all bilingual, French and English, so if you can speak both, you're in their good books ~_^ (Quoting French Poetry is the best way to guarantee yourself being mobbed by old women who think that you're maybe not poetry....but speaking french gets you great friends.) And the Place D'Arts is a great place to relax all day. The museums are lovely and the musicians are even better.

Alas, today promises to be busy, so you'll have to tour without me, Genichirou, but I'd suggest Mount Royal Park.

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Hmmm, today was troublesome. Though, it was perhaps my own fault for deciding to install the new bird feeders myself on watering day. I figured they'd leave my plants alone if I designated them an area in my garden for them to go to. I'll have to see how that works in the days to come. But thank you for the CD trick, Akaya, it's working like a charm against the strawberry plants.
And I'm contemplating the pros and cons of getting sprinklers for the plants. On the one hand, it would mean less work for myself, but it's such a waste of water, when a can of water will do the trick.

Echizen, we still need to sort out that CD. Luckily the release date isn't until after the US Open, but I'd rather not procrastinate. I have a few lyrics ideas and musical arrangements...but if you'd prefer to get a studio to write it for us, we can do that too. Do you play any instruments?

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Sooo....holidays. Renji, I think Genichirou's already spilled the beans, but I want the three of us to take a vacation soon. Somewhere away from Japan, just the three of us. I haven't seen you two properly in ages. And I just want to spend some time away from all of our stresses.

Which places would you think would be for the best? I'm thinking not somewhere really cold or really hot. And the place has to have a lot of history and interesting places to go. I was thinking either the Easter Islands or Tibet or something. Somewhere remote, for perhaps selfish reasons. Any ideas from you two?

And don't worry about money. I'll pay for everything. Wimbledon left me a very rich man ^^;

~Much love, Seiichi


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