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Good game, Echizen. It was a good win at Paris, but I won't let anyone beat me at the World Finals~ I've got too much riding on it.

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Hah, it was nice to get a break before I got into the final leg of the tournament season this year. Shanghai Masters is my current tournament (that I'm on the plane towards), and then I'll be heading to Switzerland for Basel, then Paris Masters, so it's a busy month in October. I was thinking of doing a smaller tournament as well, inbetween the larger ones so I could accumulate a few more points in time for the Barclays World Tour Final, but I'm not sure whether to stick with Vienna or Stockholm.

Thanks again, Saeki-kun, for your advice on the plants to get for my garden, after my previous gardener ruined it. I'm very grateful for your help :)

Don't overwork yourself Genichirou! And have fun on your hiking trip, Yukari-chan!

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Sooo....holidays. Renji, I think Genichirou's already spilled the beans, but I want the three of us to take a vacation soon. Somewhere away from Japan, just the three of us. I haven't seen you two properly in ages. And I just want to spend some time away from all of our stresses.

Which places would you think would be for the best? I'm thinking not somewhere really cold or really hot. And the place has to have a lot of history and interesting places to go. I was thinking either the Easter Islands or Tibet or something. Somewhere remote, for perhaps selfish reasons. Any ideas from you two?

And don't worry about money. I'll pay for everything. Wimbledon left me a very rich man ^^;

~Much love, Seiichi


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