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I hope you have a wonderful day, full of things you enjoy to do. And I hope my present reached you safely.

[ooc: Lilia should find a small box of french sweets and a small book of rare Grimm fairy tales with beautiful impressionist illustrations.]
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Well done, Kazuya-kun. It was a brilliant game. You've really improved since we last played. Good job upon winning the US Open. I look forward to playing with you again.

I'll be back in Japan tomorrow. Yukari-chan, Kura, would you like to go out on Wednesday?

Liliadent-kun, Akaya, sorry for not providing you with a good show. But thank you for coming out to support me. I hope you had an amazing time in America.

And Atobe..? Thanks for the invitation. I think I'll take you up on that.


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And, I'm off again~ America, I return to you. The US Open ought to be interesting this year. I look forward to seeing you there, Tokugawa.

Liliadent-kun, Akaya, call me if you have any problems while staying there. Those box tickets should last for the whole tournament and for any of the matches, even the ones I'm not playing.



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