Mar. 9th, 2014 11:27 am
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Mother's finally left. She and Min-Min went down to Kanagawa for two weeks, leaving me free for a while. I left strict instructions with Mother and Min-Min so they should be okay together....I hope. But Minoru was pretty insistent about leaving for a couple of days.

Alas, the tournaments don't align with me, so I can't just fly over to Indian Wells and play. Or even to Miami, because it starts March 26 and ends after Min-Min returns home. This is driving me insane. So I think I might just go play pick-up tennis back at Rikkai High School. Coach for a couple of days or something. It'll be fun to be back in that environment again, And they'll be gearing up for Districts, so I can help out a little.

I'm in some deep shit. Why do crazy stalker fans exist? How did she manage to get that picture of Kura and I kissing, anyway? And my address too! If she releases those, I'll never have a moment of peace again. I've already admitted I'm openly gay and dating someone, but if they find out who....

But I can't just stop dating Kura and start dating her. Life doesn't work like that. I'm still gay and I'm still head over heels for him. And I can't tell my bodyguard or my agent either, because they'll take serious action and she'll release the picture and my address anyway. Keeping in contact with her to try and negotiate is driving me up the bend. Thank god Minoru wanted to leave with Mother. I can stress out by myself. I just want some privacy. Is that too much to ask?

And here I am, talking to myself to sort this out. Wonderful....I really am going insane.

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Won the Beijing tournament, thank god. I'm waiting for the finals of the Vienna tournament now and all of me is thrumming with energy. I think I'm more hyped up than I've been in a while, even though it's a tiny crowd. Vienna's crowd are some of the most supportive. I could only wish that more tournaments were held here.

Alas it is not to be so. I just wanted to say that I'm not dead. It's just been so busy, that I've barely had the chance to eat, let alone update social things ^^;

Though, even though I've been doing nothing but training and playing, the media still somehow manages to see stuff that I didn't know about myself! Any articles about me dating models are wrong, trust me. I'm still gay. Nothing's changed since I was 16.

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My garden is looking better. Three days of non-stop work pays off, it seems. I also managed to paint a few new pictures, though they weren't as good as my usual paintings. Also had a photoshoot with a perfume company and a contract signed for a guest appearance in some popular sitcom. Looks like my schedule during the off season's going to be as busy as ever ^^; Whoop-de-fucking-doo

I'm getting rather fed up of reporters asking me how I feel about losing the US Open. Losing isn't fun and it motivates me to do better. What else do they want me to say? I cry in bed at night? I drown my sorrows in alcohol? I'm swearing revenge or something? Honestly....Like I'd say anything like that to them.

Niou, are we still on for coding and general computer handling lessons? I think we should probably start once the off-season really begins in November. I'll be free in Japan for that time period.

-Yours tiredly, Seiichi

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Wimbledon's champion and world number 2, Yukimura Seiichi delivered an amazing performance in the third round of the US Open against Rafael Nadal, taking the match with a score of 6-1, 6-3, 6-2. There were doubts over Yukimura's performance against the frenchman, especially since Yukimura played two long five set matches in the previous rounds, yet Yukimura disproved them all with a positively electric game! With sharp serves that seemed to disappear as he swung and quick, angled returns that were almost brutal in their ferocity, Yukimura completely steamrollered over Nadal.

Nadal later said, "Yukimura played with a passion today, that I have rarely see him unleash so early in the tournament. It was a great match, and I am not displeased by my loss, though perhaps by the score."

As it was, the usually personable Yukimura was quick to leave the court and did not remain long enough for questions. It raises queries about the state of Yukimura's heath and whether this game was entirely natural. One might almost say that he played like a man possessed today. Whatever reasons for his victory, this reporter is eager to see his next performance!

Reporters never fail to make me laugh. Played like a man possessed indeed...

[Screened to Shiraishi]

I have never played a better game in my life, even the ones against Echizen, Genichirou and Tezuka. I both hate you and love you. My coach noticed though. He asked me whether I had a tryst with my girlfriend before the match. I think I was crying with laughter. I almost said something, but I decided to stay quiet. I'm not releasing anything to reporters unless I absolutely have to :/

Have...have you seen the thing with Yukari? Kite-san and Genichirou are trying to find her so I know they'll get to her before that sick fucker tries to marry her, but I wondered if you were going after her as well.
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Fuck. That was such a bad decision. I’m never visiting childrens’ wards again in public.

I shouldn’t have accepted that publicity event, but I didn’t want to refuse, especially when they said that all the children would really appreciate a celebrity visit. When I walked in, they’d made all made little posters or things for me and it was so touching. I spent a lot of the time talking with them about my experiences with Guillain Barre and how I dealt with it and how I got better and asking them about how they felt and what they wanted for birthdays and what they enjoyed in their lives.

A lot of the children were asking whether they’d get better like I did….and though the doctor had told me beforehand that a few of them might not survive, I lied and told them yes, because medicine and hope would always win against death. But there was this one little girl who called me out on it, because she said that there was no cure for muscle atrophy and she was going to die anyway.

I had to take a break then. Shit, I started crying. Still am. It’’s just like how I felt back in middle school. It’’s still raw. I genuinely thought I was going to die. I was writing wills and confessions before my operation for everybody. I had a list of things to see before I die....

I don’t know if I can go back into the room and pretend like everybody in the room is going to be okay and is going to survive, because that's unrealistic. I’m still crying now. This was a horrible idea... your phone on?
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And my first and probably only foray into the world of music was concluded today while the women's finals happened. That was exhausting. I have a newfound respect for all singers. And that was just one song! I think I might have gone insane if more were involved :/

I think the problem might have been that both Echizen and I were inexperienced and had no idea what they wanted from us and what the machinery did. Everybody was very relieved when the day was over, let's just put it that day. And I thought modelling was stressful....

In any case, we were some of the last people to record, so the charity album will be on sale during the US Open! Go buy it! Echizen and I's duet is not the only famous song on that CD! I'm pretty sure that Federer's got a song on there too, as well as a tonne of other surprise guests from all over the celebrity realm. All proceeds go to Great Ormond Street Hospital, so please donate~



Jun. 16th, 2013 08:28 pm
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Ahh, that was fun. It's been a while since I was last in New York, so it was nice to be back. The Nike photoshoot was definitely interesting, though sitting through two hours of make-up and hair was not. Last time I recalled, I wasn't a supermodel.

Another thing that perplexes me is the sheer difference between male and female representation in photos. The photoshoot was with me, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Williams-san was constantly told to smile more and flash her teeth at the camera, while Federer-san and I were constantly told to stop smiling and look serious.
The male tennis players were told to look serious while the female tennis players were told to smile and look pretty. It made me think and wonder at how our media portrays gender stereotypes, if it must extend to even sports. It made me feel really angry for quite a while. I still feel a little resentful.

The photoshoot was fun despite that and the photos should be postered up everywhere on the Nike website and the internet. They aren't anything special. We barely posed with our rackets, it was mostly just wearing Nike clothing. Now, what was special, was what we received after the shoot was over. My clothes for Wimbledon.

Its my first year with Nike and I was asked if I had any requests about clothing. I jokingly asked for the Rikkai colours, but I wasn't expecting much. When I opened my package I was greeted with this:


(Ignore the bad quality, I asked Nadal-san to take it on my phone, and it's not got the best camera in the world). Traditionally, Nike tends to stick with plain, one-colour ensembles so that their logo stands out but I was really impressed by the design. I have no idea who made it or designed it, but thank you~! I love it! Oh, and you can't see it here, but Atobe's logo is on the back as well :)

So, now I'm waiting on my flight to take me to London. It's delayed, which is annoying. Since I'll be busy training up for Wimbledon, I won't be making any new posts till it's over, but I'll be replying to comments as best as I can ^_^

[ooc: The picture was drawn and painted by me hurriedly for this purpose. I was hit by my muse when I saw all of the tennis stars showing off their Nike uniforms on Facebook and I didn't manage to capture the muse perfectly, but here's Yukimura along with a crappy background :)]


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