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I've reached World Number One in the ATP rankings~ A very sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody who supported me along the way! I appreciate every single gift, email or kind word in my way.

It was fun playing in the round-robin style tournament, since I got to play all of my opponents, not just a couple like you do with larger tournaments. I can't wait to do it again, especially with the British crowd. (Though I could do without the rainy weather ;A;)

I'll be home for another two whole months without going to another country! I get to relax for a bit. I think I'll stop in Tokyo for a week before going to Kyoto to check on Minoru. In that time, will you meet with me for a meal or something, Genichirou? My treat, since I got paid by Nike today as well :)

And Atobe, I owe you a movie-trip. Contact me about that. Oh, and I must be missing people I need to talk with. I'll contact everyone later, once I've attended the afterparty.

Screened to Shiraishi )

-With all my heart, Seiichi
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Sooo....holidays. Renji, I think Genichirou's already spilled the beans, but I want the three of us to take a vacation soon. Somewhere away from Japan, just the three of us. I haven't seen you two properly in ages. And I just want to spend some time away from all of our stresses.

Which places would you think would be for the best? I'm thinking not somewhere really cold or really hot. And the place has to have a lot of history and interesting places to go. I was thinking either the Easter Islands or Tibet or something. Somewhere remote, for perhaps selfish reasons. Any ideas from you two?

And don't worry about money. I'll pay for everything. Wimbledon left me a very rich man ^^;

~Much love, Seiichi


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