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My garden is looking better. Three days of non-stop work pays off, it seems. I also managed to paint a few new pictures, though they weren't as good as my usual paintings. Also had a photoshoot with a perfume company and a contract signed for a guest appearance in some popular sitcom. Looks like my schedule during the off season's going to be as busy as ever ^^; Whoop-de-fucking-doo

I'm getting rather fed up of reporters asking me how I feel about losing the US Open. Losing isn't fun and it motivates me to do better. What else do they want me to say? I cry in bed at night? I drown my sorrows in alcohol? I'm swearing revenge or something? Honestly....Like I'd say anything like that to them.

Niou, are we still on for coding and general computer handling lessons? I think we should probably start once the off-season really begins in November. I'll be free in Japan for that time period.

-Yours tiredly, Seiichi

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Montreal is gorgeous! The tournament doesn't start until the fifth, but since Genichirou and I arrived early, we decided to go sight seeing.

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Vieux Montreal will never not be among my top tourist locations. It's simply gorgeous to walk around and the locals are very friendly. They're all bilingual, French and English, so if you can speak both, you're in their good books ~_^ (Quoting French Poetry is the best way to guarantee yourself being mobbed by old women who think that you're maybe not poetry....but speaking french gets you great friends.) And the Place D'Arts is a great place to relax all day. The museums are lovely and the musicians are even better.

Alas, today promises to be busy, so you'll have to tour without me, Genichirou, but I'd suggest Mount Royal Park.

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My date with Kuranosuke went well~! I think it's safe to say we're officially dating now.

I didn't say anything before, since neither of us were really sure of anything, but it worked out, so I'm happy to spill. So, yesss....try and keep it out of the media please. Last thing I need are more questions about my personal life, hehe ^^;

Oh, and thanks for the soufflé, Bunta. It was much appreciated~!



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