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My garden is looking better. Three days of non-stop work pays off, it seems. I also managed to paint a few new pictures, though they weren't as good as my usual paintings. Also had a photoshoot with a perfume company and a contract signed for a guest appearance in some popular sitcom. Looks like my schedule during the off season's going to be as busy as ever ^^; Whoop-de-fucking-doo

I'm getting rather fed up of reporters asking me how I feel about losing the US Open. Losing isn't fun and it motivates me to do better. What else do they want me to say? I cry in bed at night? I drown my sorrows in alcohol? I'm swearing revenge or something? Honestly....Like I'd say anything like that to them.

Niou, are we still on for coding and general computer handling lessons? I think we should probably start once the off-season really begins in November. I'll be free in Japan for that time period.

-Yours tiredly, Seiichi

[ooc: Strikes deleted]
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Ahh, Respect for the Elders Day. Lots of irritating my coach with showerings of presents (as he insists that 55 is not old) and I visited my favourite teachers from Rikkai and gifted them with some home-made mochi and dango.

I also kept spares for any of the reporters I saw, from the debacle last month. Revenge is sweet. Literally ^__^


[ooc: Tezuka, you will find a large bouquet of flowers and sugar-free chocolate, affectionately signed by Seiichi to not get dentures too soon or their play will be quite one-sided next time.]
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Wimbledon's champion and world number 2, Yukimura Seiichi delivered an amazing performance in the third round of the US Open against Rafael Nadal, taking the match with a score of 6-1, 6-3, 6-2. There were doubts over Yukimura's performance against the frenchman, especially since Yukimura played two long five set matches in the previous rounds, yet Yukimura disproved them all with a positively electric game! With sharp serves that seemed to disappear as he swung and quick, angled returns that were almost brutal in their ferocity, Yukimura completely steamrollered over Nadal.

Nadal later said, "Yukimura played with a passion today, that I have rarely see him unleash so early in the tournament. It was a great match, and I am not displeased by my loss, though perhaps by the score."

As it was, the usually personable Yukimura was quick to leave the court and did not remain long enough for questions. It raises queries about the state of Yukimura's heath and whether this game was entirely natural. One might almost say that he played like a man possessed today. Whatever reasons for his victory, this reporter is eager to see his next performance!

Reporters never fail to make me laugh. Played like a man possessed indeed...

[Screened to Shiraishi]

I have never played a better game in my life, even the ones against Echizen, Genichirou and Tezuka. I both hate you and love you. My coach noticed though. He asked me whether I had a tryst with my girlfriend before the match. I think I was crying with laughter. I almost said something, but I decided to stay quiet. I'm not releasing anything to reporters unless I absolutely have to :/

Have...have you seen the thing with Yukari? Kite-san and Genichirou are trying to find her so I know they'll get to her before that sick fucker tries to marry her, but I wondered if you were going after her as well.
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So having my medical history leaked is really pissing me off. One of the reporters caught me today and I couldn't shrug them off without being unduly rude, and he asked about my Guillain-Barre syndrome from when I was a child and whether I was really fit to be playing amongst the pros. I gave up trying to be polite and I told him quite curtly that I've been playing among the pros since I was eighteen and that it was a feat that was better than his own disastrous reporting career.

I'm becoming so rude lately because of this. I hope it blows over soon. But he has no right to try and discredit my performance because of an illness from over 10 years ago. Actually, this isn't the first incident since my medical history was leaked where people have asked about Guillain-Barre but it's certainly the first one where they've been so rude about it.

I'm just so tired. Mentally and physically.



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