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So I dropped off the social radar for a while. I think I started getting a bit more cautious about what I post and what I don't. Anything on my public accounts have become quite neutral and lacking as little personal information as possible. Not that I said much to them before, but there's even less now.

But honestly, there's been so little in my life, that I've had nothing to say. I've not been very busy. I still exercise, go out and do something every now and then. But I spend most of my time in that hospital with Min-chan or on the Rikkai high school courts. Their footwork is dreadful, it's amazing they even qualified for Districts.

I made a decision, though. After July, I'm going back to tennis. Minoru's pretty much guaranteed to be in hospital full-time now and she ordered me to return, because she's fed up of seeing me everyday. So that's something to train for, I suppose.

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I forget to wear my Rikkai jacket for one day when I go running, and I almost get run over! It's probably my fault for not wearing anything else bright when I go jogging in the evenings. But, it just goes to show how lucky that old thing is. It's always been out to save my life!

Ahh, now that filming's done, I get to do so much more physical conditioning in my free time. I'm working on my abs and glutes, since those are probably the most neglected during the actual game. Lots of crunches and leg-lifts and planks. I'm also working on flexibility, though that isn't strictly necessary to play tennis. I finally managed to master the side-splits, though my hips still won't let me get into forward splits. Yet.

I want to go run for longer distances and go different places. Maybe run on the beach, or up mountains and hills. And maybe cycling. I'd have to go pull my bike out of our old house in Kanagawa for that, though. But cycling is good for the thighs.

I'm not watching the Australian Open, even though my fingers twitch to switch the channel there, whenever I turn on the TV. I don't want to make myself resentful and bitter. I just look at the scores online, after all the games are played so I can keep up to date. I...can't watch it and still remain cheerful about my choice. My blood is singing for a proper game, for the screaming crowds, for the adrenaline that never really comes from solitary training. But I'll survive, as long as I keep avoiding it.


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