tennis_no_ko: (uneasy) agent has found new ways to drive me up the wall. She means well....but honestly, I haven't done nearly enough to write an autobiography. I know that I actually have time to sit down and write something, but I neither want to nor have enough life experience to be able to make it a seller.

I've always thought it's a bit stupid for younger celebrities to release autobiographies. What have you done in such a short period of time that merits a whole book? Even if you've been a child star, I honestly think you can only really write autobiographies once you've passed forty, at least. That's when you've gained enough life experience and tact to be able to judge your own life without too much bias.

But that's my own opinion. Even with a life as interesting as mine, I honestly can't fill a book.

For Valentine's Day, I have a slightly cold date planned. Bring a coat too, it's gonna be chilly. You might not be able to see me under the layers of clothing~

I have two candidates narrowed down. I'm going to be hiring your services since Genichirou is ill. How much for a day?
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Montreal is gorgeous! The tournament doesn't start until the fifth, but since Genichirou and I arrived early, we decided to go sight seeing.

See Picture )

Vieux Montreal will never not be among my top tourist locations. It's simply gorgeous to walk around and the locals are very friendly. They're all bilingual, French and English, so if you can speak both, you're in their good books ~_^ (Quoting French Poetry is the best way to guarantee yourself being mobbed by old women who think that you're maybe not poetry....but speaking french gets you great friends.) And the Place D'Arts is a great place to relax all day. The museums are lovely and the musicians are even better.

Alas, today promises to be busy, so you'll have to tour without me, Genichirou, but I'd suggest Mount Royal Park.

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So it seems that endless pestering does work. Sanada, welcome to the wonderful world of socialising on the internet. I congratulate you on actually listening to my reasons and I also applaud you for lasting this long.

In other words, Wimbledon is going well. I beat Del Potro today in the quarterfinals but his growth from last year is quite extraordinary. In any case, it looks like we will be facing each other after all, Echizen. I'll see you there.

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It was quite tragic. Over the last eight weeks, a huge amount of weeds built up in my garden and my tomatoes had the nerve to die on me. But thanks to Saeki-kun, I managed to replace them with some lovely begonias, in a shade I haven't seen before.

And does anyone know how to keep birds away from plants without hurting them? Most of the fruits on my strawberry plants were damaged by birds, though the plant itself still survives.

I am on a quest to try and convince Sanada to get one of these, but he is quite stubbornly traditional and refuses to give in, despite me bribing him with ginseng oolong tea.

And also, I got a sponsor request by Nike, so I'll be jetting off to America in a week to take part in a photo shoot and formalise the contract with them. It should be pretty fun. I believe that Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams are all sponsored by Nike as well, so I'll be doing a photoshoot with them, most likely.



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