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Back home on Japanese soil. Lately, jetlag's been hitting me more than normal, but it's so much easier to adjust when you go forward in time instead of back. The season's over, so I'll be free to actually be around.

Yagyuu, Niou, Jackal, any of you want to go out for a drink or for dinner sometime soon? I haven't seen you all in a long time. Bunta, how about I stop by your cafe, I wouldn't want to be a bad influence on Remi-chan by taking her dad drinking somewhere.

Kura, are you still at my place or back at you and Yukari's house?
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It's rather irritating having to remind people that I'm gay, because once I do that, it becomes my defining feature, rather than something that doesn't really matter, because it doesn't affect my personality or playstyle in any way >>;;

Still, it was necessary. I can't go to Russia for the charity game. For one, I'm eager to get back to Japan soon. And two, I'd rather not put myself in harm's way.


Aug. 28th, 2014 05:14 pm
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I was having a great day. Really. I got through to the third round which is great. Then I got a question about my secret relationship instead of my tennis, when exiting the courts. I didn't have any idea what was happening, honestly. You can see my shocked face on live TV. Then I was shoved this article by my manager afterwards.

Yukimura Seiichi has been taken?
The prolific tennis player, currently number 6 in the world tennis rankings after a long hiatus, who is openly gay has been sighted in Japan with an unknown person, holding hands and kissing in the Botanical Gardens. This raises the question for how long has this secret relationship being going on and who exactly is this mystery man?

The article goes on for ages with speculations and interviews with people I've never really exchanged more than a few words with, but they have pictures of Shiraishi and I. Which is...exactly what I didn't need right now. Thanks a bunch, media. Here comes the hate-mail from the people who forgot I was gay and the screams of despair from the fangirls and fanboys.

Screened to Shiraishi )

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Despite me coming out to Roger's Cup, my coach didn't see fit to clear me to play in US Open until now. I suppose he was still doubtful about my stamina or something. I think winning two 5 set matches finally got him to calm down. It helps that Toronto is feeling a little chilly this year.

Ryuuzaki-chan! I caught your match yesterday while waiting for one of the practise courts to clear, you did well. I think you'll make it to the finals with that pace.

It feels good to be back on tour, instead of practising against a ball machine.

Anybody want anything from Toronto? I have a couple of hours free since my match today finished quickly.
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I think I'm getting fed up of almost getting killed while going cycling. Tokyo drivers are quite vicious, I have around eight bruises along my left arm. At least my tennis arm is okay

Perhaps I should get a car, this is the third time I've almost died this year. I just don't want to deal with the traffic...and I'm going back to tennis and touring soon. I'm not sure if it's worth it.

In other words...I'm still not sure whether this is mocking Wimbledon or not. I asked my fans and the overwhelming consensus was 'what', so I thought I'd ask you all.

ETA: Genichirou. After much deliberation, I have concurred we'd all look good as girls.
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I keep getting tingling feels in my hands and legs as I'm training up. I have to keep reminding myself that it's my blood flow rearranging itself after a long period of relative inactivity, and not a relapse. I went through this same thing that last time that I hiatused, but it feels worse this time, more like an accusation. I guess I'm still feeling guilty about abandoning Min-chan, there, even if she asked me to leave.

I just need to get my head on straight. Anyone free for a casual match with a rusty tennis player?
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I forgot how much of a slavedriver my coach is. Doing runs of Tokyo in seven layers of clothes in summer is like torture, sometimes. Luckily, I haven't lost any of the actual tennis, just my stamina, which I should be able to build back with some hard work.

I'm planning to be back for the US Open. Tezuka, Echizen, you'd better be ready.
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So I dropped off the social radar for a while. I think I started getting a bit more cautious about what I post and what I don't. Anything on my public accounts have become quite neutral and lacking as little personal information as possible. Not that I said much to them before, but there's even less now.

But honestly, there's been so little in my life, that I've had nothing to say. I've not been very busy. I still exercise, go out and do something every now and then. But I spend most of my time in that hospital with Min-chan or on the Rikkai high school courts. Their footwork is dreadful, it's amazing they even qualified for Districts.

I made a decision, though. After July, I'm going back to tennis. Minoru's pretty much guaranteed to be in hospital full-time now and she ordered me to return, because she's fed up of seeing me everyday. So that's something to train for, I suppose.



Mar. 9th, 2014 11:27 am
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Mother's finally left. She and Min-Min went down to Kanagawa for two weeks, leaving me free for a while. I left strict instructions with Mother and Min-Min so they should be okay together....I hope. But Minoru was pretty insistent about leaving for a couple of days.

Alas, the tournaments don't align with me, so I can't just fly over to Indian Wells and play. Or even to Miami, because it starts March 26 and ends after Min-Min returns home. This is driving me insane. So I think I might just go play pick-up tennis back at Rikkai High School. Coach for a couple of days or something. It'll be fun to be back in that environment again, And they'll be gearing up for Districts, so I can help out a little.

I'm in some deep shit. Why do crazy stalker fans exist? How did she manage to get that picture of Kura and I kissing, anyway? And my address too! If she releases those, I'll never have a moment of peace again. I've already admitted I'm openly gay and dating someone, but if they find out who....

But I can't just stop dating Kura and start dating her. Life doesn't work like that. I'm still gay and I'm still head over heels for him. And I can't tell my bodyguard or my agent either, because they'll take serious action and she'll release the picture and my address anyway. Keeping in contact with her to try and negotiate is driving me up the bend. Thank god Minoru wanted to leave with Mother. I can stress out by myself. I just want some privacy. Is that too much to ask?

And here I am, talking to myself to sort this out. Wonderful....I really am going insane.

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It was World Tennis Day today, and it was great to see some of the matches out on TV today. I sent in a little video snippet of encouragement, since I had to back out of actually playing any matches (since the matches were in Hong Kong, New York and London), but it was nice to see some older faces and my idols, like Pete Sampras, Pat Cash and Ivan Lendl all out there having fun.

Everyone should go out and play a little bit of tennis today or over this next week~

Not being out there irked me more than not being there for the Aussie Open, ever did. I was over the moon last year, when they made World Tennis Day so close to my birthday. I guess I'm just irritated. Some Child of Tennis, I am.
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Well, thanks to Akutsu-san, I now have a bodyguard. He's very competent, though could work on his sense of humour. But I'm sure that will develop with time and exposure :)

Watching the Winter Olympics, despite the lack of tennis, makes me quite excited for the 2016 Olympics. I hope, that thanks to our efforts this past couple of years, in both women's and men's, Japan will actually be able to medal. Though, I'm not looking forward to the heat at Rio de Janeiro. Maria's been texting me a lot from the Olympics, with lots of exclamation over Russian victories, which I suppose, is adding to the excitement for two years time. I'd better be back in the game by then.

Bodyguard may help protect from anything physical, but it doesn't help with the zealous emails and fanmails that no longer just border on creepy. I could ask for it to get screened, but that would feel like cheating, giving in. I'm not going to be affected by their comments, I'm better than that. Still, it makes me uneasy. I'm getting back to having difficulty sleeping at night. Except it's not because of timezones anymore.
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Stage one of finding a bodyguard is underway. I have actually quite a few people applying, but I have no idea how to narrow them down. My two options currently are run them through something similar to speed dating. They have three minutes to tell me why I should hire them. Or, I have each of them bodyguard me for a day and stage something to happen that they have to react to. Whoever reacts the best gets the spot.

On the one hand, the second option is more useful to see their efficiency, but it's expensive. The first one's cheap, but if they just talk big, I could be fooled over.

Min-min has plenty of ideas, but all of them are useless, so I've resorted to ignoring her. She finds this all too amusing. I still feel like yakuza or something.
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I forget to wear my Rikkai jacket for one day when I go running, and I almost get run over! It's probably my fault for not wearing anything else bright when I go jogging in the evenings. But, it just goes to show how lucky that old thing is. It's always been out to save my life!

Ahh, now that filming's done, I get to do so much more physical conditioning in my free time. I'm working on my abs and glutes, since those are probably the most neglected during the actual game. Lots of crunches and leg-lifts and planks. I'm also working on flexibility, though that isn't strictly necessary to play tennis. I finally managed to master the side-splits, though my hips still won't let me get into forward splits. Yet.

I want to go run for longer distances and go different places. Maybe run on the beach, or up mountains and hills. And maybe cycling. I'd have to go pull my bike out of our old house in Kanagawa for that, though. But cycling is good for the thighs.

I'm not watching the Australian Open, even though my fingers twitch to switch the channel there, whenever I turn on the TV. I don't want to make myself resentful and bitter. I just look at the scores online, after all the games are played so I can keep up to date. I...can't watch it and still remain cheerful about my choice. My blood is singing for a proper game, for the screaming crowds, for the adrenaline that never really comes from solitary training. But I'll survive, as long as I keep avoiding it.
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My filming is finally over! The show will continue filming for a little more, just with a few of the minor scenes between the main protagonists, but all my scenes are done. I am somewhat dreading it coming to the TV screens though, as upon seeing some of my scenes, I think I managed to pull off the evil a little too well.

Ahh, it's strange. I did my fair share of complaining about travelling when I was rushing off to every tournament all over the world, but I do miss it. Not the airports or the airplane food, but the actual physical presence of being in other countries is rather exciting. Of course, tennis too, but there are always those eager to play tennis in my social circle.

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And after this New Years celebration, I'm done and I can relax a bit more. Minoru's feeling a lot better and I think she's coming with me to the Nike New Years Party. I'm so relieved. Thank you so much for all of your help, Kura. I cannot express how amazing and patient you've been and thank you.

I'm visiting the temple on the First to wish for health, as I have done since I was 13 and will continue to do for as long as I remain paranoid. And health for Minoru, of course. My goal for this year is to do everything in my power to make Minoru more comfortable and accepting of her condition, until she can live with it by herself or an outside carer. I have no personal goals except my always long-term goal, which has been the ever elusive Golden Year. But I'll do it.

Then, after the visit, it's back to filming, which in hindsight, will actually be more relaxing than all the parties! I think we still have to film me killing a lot of people and blowing up parts of Tokyo. Which I will have an inordinate amount of fun with. If only makeup didn't take three hours every morning....
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I've been doing some bulk fanletter answering now since this winter break proves to be busy, as expected. And as per usual, I think the best letters come from the children. They're always so fun to read and not nearly as creepy at the middle-aged women and men who want me to marry them. I also like when they take pictures of them with tennis rackets and say they were inspired, because that's always heartwarming to read. Also, that means a new tennis generation is being made! :D

But one stood out to me, from a french child. In France and most of Europe, like Liliadent mentioned, there's a counterpart to Father Christmas. In France, he's called Father Whipping or Père Fouetteard. Not quite as creepy looking as Germany's Krampus and definitely not as scary. but instead of bad children getting bad presents, bad children in France are kidnapped by Père Foeuttard for one night and whipped. And because I am a bad, bad person, my mind went to the gutter the first time I heard about that.

Anyway, the actual letter said that since her parents said she was bad, she was scared of Pere Fouettard coming to get her. But she wondered whether I could come to France this Christmas and help her launch a tennis ball attack on Père Foeuttard and free all the other children who got caught by him. I couldn't help but laugh and think that this is exactly what I would have done as a child. Heck, I'd do it now. It makes me so proud to see a new generation of cute young children growing up!

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I...I won't be participating in the first half of the tennis season this year. Maybe longer. I'm sorry Tezuka, it looks like our showdown may have to be delayed for a while yet. And I'm sorry to you Echizen, Kazuya, since I won't be able to have any official rematches with you two either.

I suppose I owe an explanation for this. It seems auto-immune disorders run in the family. My little sister Minoru has Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. I knew there was something wrong with her! I just knew it! And it turns out she wasn't telling me this at all. I had to find out the hard way when she just collapsed in the middle of the street. I took her to the hospital and she was already a regular patient and everyone knew her by name just like they knew me. Imagine my surprise when they told me it was getting worse by the day and she is very likely to not be able to walk soon.

My parents can't look after her; they weren't even able to tell that there was something wrong with her in the first place. They were barely around when I was a kid and in the hospital, what's going to guarantee they'll be around for a quasi-adult? She needs someone more reliable to be there for a while, somebody who'll always be there. Or else you just go....utterly mad in a hospital when you can't do anything. You really do.

And it was a difficult decision to make...but I'm no longer the kid from ten years ago, who valued tennis above people. My family comes first. So, I'm sorry. I'll be back in Tokyo earlier than I expected. Minoru'll be living with me now. And I won't be leaving Japan for tournaments for quite a while. Not until she feels more comfortable about living with it. Since there's no cure for it.

I'm cutting out my ranting for those who don't want to read it. )

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I've reached World Number One in the ATP rankings~ A very sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody who supported me along the way! I appreciate every single gift, email or kind word in my way.

It was fun playing in the round-robin style tournament, since I got to play all of my opponents, not just a couple like you do with larger tournaments. I can't wait to do it again, especially with the British crowd. (Though I could do without the rainy weather ;A;)

I'll be home for another two whole months without going to another country! I get to relax for a bit. I think I'll stop in Tokyo for a week before going to Kyoto to check on Minoru. In that time, will you meet with me for a meal or something, Genichirou? My treat, since I got paid by Nike today as well :)

And Atobe, I owe you a movie-trip. Contact me about that. Oh, and I must be missing people I need to talk with. I'll contact everyone later, once I've attended the afterparty.

Screened to Shiraishi )

-With all my heart, Seiichi
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Good game, Echizen. It was a good win at Paris, but I won't let anyone beat me at the World Finals~ I've got too much riding on it.

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I forgot how disgusting the weather gets in Europe come autumn. The rain is so muggy, and it creates a pile of red-slush on the streets, since the leaves get trampled in with the rain. It's an awful atmosphere, especially mixed in with the smog and the high winds. It's bad enough in Paris and it's supposed to be worse in England,

It also means that we have to play with the roof over the stadium, which means that your stamina has to be higher and it's generally an unfavourable playing condition. Which makes no sense to me. Why play the final of the tennis year in a place which is known for it's bad weather? Couldn't we have played in Fiji or something?

I'm just complaining, because the start of my match has been delayed for twenty minutes while they shut the roof and my warm-up's starting to fade.



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