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All of me hurts. My coach has no mercy. Tennis balls weren't painful enough for his ideas of motivation, so he's started hurtling cricket balls at me when I'm not performing to his standard. I've broken three headbands in the past week trying to dodge them and keep playing the game. Nike needs to make better quality headbands.

I don't want to play tennis anymore today. The world is ending. Yet the sky is not falling and to my knowledge,pigs are not flying. I thought the world's end would be more dramatic.

Someone talk to me about stuff that isn't tennis.
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So...Min-min relapsed a week back. She hasn't gotten any of her limbs back into use, yet. I've been delaying it as much as possible for her sake...but she's gone into full-time hospital care now. She says that I could return back to the circuit now that I don't have to look after her at home, but I couldn't do that to her. She hasn't got many of her old friends around her. And having me visit only every two weeks or so? With sparse phonecalls? I couldn't do that to her.

I only remained sane because my team were always visiting. Even one or two days with next to no human contact except doctors? It's difficult. I can't just leave her, not for these first couple of months, anyway. With any luck, she'll get well enough to be released back into home-care soon.

I'm just tired on so many fronts.

Tune in :)

Feb. 11th, 2014 10:28 pm
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The show I starred in is airing the season's first episode today on NHK~ Tune in if you're interested in some darker, crime stories. It's very well filmed, from what I saw before it hit the cutting-room floor.

Minoru's having another relapse. It's painful to watch. I'm growing more desensitised to it, and more efficient about helping her deal with it...but it's taking too long for my liking. And she's still so scared when it happens. I guess I should be happy that she isn't at that stage where she's stopped caring, like I reached when I was in hospital, because that means that she hasn't been suffering very long..but. I hate this. I hate it. I hate feeling useless....

I did my fair share of bad things as a kid, but what did she do to deserve this?

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First day of filming finished today. I forgot how exhausting it's supposed to be! It was faster today than it usually is, though, I'm reassured. I've heard that acting is 80% waiting and 20% doing, but today it was rather the opposite. But since we were filming really short scenes from my evil lair where I'm wearing the same thing, I guess they didn't have to do much scene changing.

My character has a snake as his pet and I spent half of my scenes with the snake trying to stop it from cutting off circulation to my arm! I think I might need to wear armour underneath my clothes to stop it from cutting in too much! On the other hand, Minoru got really excited by the reptile, so I could put up with some discomfort. She was laughing and all, when I was struggling between scenes. She's recovering her usual humour pretty fast.

The make-up people are pretty impressive though. They make me look quite different to myself, so I can actually pull off waist-long hair and not look strange. I give them props, that was cool. And my fears about co-actors being obnoxious were reassured. They're amusing to be around.

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I...I won't be participating in the first half of the tennis season this year. Maybe longer. I'm sorry Tezuka, it looks like our showdown may have to be delayed for a while yet. And I'm sorry to you Echizen, Kazuya, since I won't be able to have any official rematches with you two either.

I suppose I owe an explanation for this. It seems auto-immune disorders run in the family. My little sister Minoru has Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. I knew there was something wrong with her! I just knew it! And it turns out she wasn't telling me this at all. I had to find out the hard way when she just collapsed in the middle of the street. I took her to the hospital and she was already a regular patient and everyone knew her by name just like they knew me. Imagine my surprise when they told me it was getting worse by the day and she is very likely to not be able to walk soon.

My parents can't look after her; they weren't even able to tell that there was something wrong with her in the first place. They were barely around when I was a kid and in the hospital, what's going to guarantee they'll be around for a quasi-adult? She needs someone more reliable to be there for a while, somebody who'll always be there. Or else you just go....utterly mad in a hospital when you can't do anything. You really do.

And it was a difficult decision to make...but I'm no longer the kid from ten years ago, who valued tennis above people. My family comes first. So, I'm sorry. I'll be back in Tokyo earlier than I expected. Minoru'll be living with me now. And I won't be leaving Japan for tournaments for quite a while. Not until she feels more comfortable about living with it. Since there's no cure for it.

I'm cutting out my ranting for those who don't want to read it. )

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Good game, Echizen. It was a good win at Paris, but I won't let anyone beat me at the World Finals~ I've got too much riding on it.

Private )
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And my first and probably only foray into the world of music was concluded today while the women's finals happened. That was exhausting. I have a newfound respect for all singers. And that was just one song! I think I might have gone insane if more were involved :/

I think the problem might have been that both Echizen and I were inexperienced and had no idea what they wanted from us and what the machinery did. Everybody was very relieved when the day was over, let's just put it that day. And I thought modelling was stressful....

In any case, we were some of the last people to record, so the charity album will be on sale during the US Open! Go buy it! Echizen and I's duet is not the only famous song on that CD! I'm pretty sure that Federer's got a song on there too, as well as a tonne of other surprise guests from all over the celebrity realm. All proceeds go to Great Ormond Street Hospital, so please donate~

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Somebody kill me now. I've been training from five in the morning to seven at night, while only stopping to eat lunch. What is wrong with me? *flops bonelessly onto bed*

In other words, Atobe, you'd better be ready for Kaminaga to place an order for a tonne of new plants. I went to go and see him yesterday and we managed to wrack up four sides of A4 sheets worth of improvements to be made in both England and your Japan estate. Good luck with that.

And I love my fans, I really do, but please, if you know anybody who is a rabid fan, can you ask them to not send me lingerie? It's mortifying, pretty disgusting if they've been used and I'm not going to keep them. I'd prefer a letter or an email.



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