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I keep getting tingling feels in my hands and legs as I'm training up. I have to keep reminding myself that it's my blood flow rearranging itself after a long period of relative inactivity, and not a relapse. I went through this same thing that last time that I hiatused, but it feels worse this time, more like an accusation. I guess I'm still feeling guilty about abandoning Min-chan, there, even if she asked me to leave.

I just need to get my head on straight. Anyone free for a casual match with a rusty tennis player?
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I forget to wear my Rikkai jacket for one day when I go running, and I almost get run over! It's probably my fault for not wearing anything else bright when I go jogging in the evenings. But, it just goes to show how lucky that old thing is. It's always been out to save my life!

Ahh, now that filming's done, I get to do so much more physical conditioning in my free time. I'm working on my abs and glutes, since those are probably the most neglected during the actual game. Lots of crunches and leg-lifts and planks. I'm also working on flexibility, though that isn't strictly necessary to play tennis. I finally managed to master the side-splits, though my hips still won't let me get into forward splits. Yet.

I want to go run for longer distances and go different places. Maybe run on the beach, or up mountains and hills. And maybe cycling. I'd have to go pull my bike out of our old house in Kanagawa for that, though. But cycling is good for the thighs.

I'm not watching the Australian Open, even though my fingers twitch to switch the channel there, whenever I turn on the TV. I don't want to make myself resentful and bitter. I just look at the scores online, after all the games are played so I can keep up to date. I...can't watch it and still remain cheerful about my choice. My blood is singing for a proper game, for the screaming crowds, for the adrenaline that never really comes from solitary training. But I'll survive, as long as I keep avoiding it.
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Won the Beijing tournament, thank god. I'm waiting for the finals of the Vienna tournament now and all of me is thrumming with energy. I think I'm more hyped up than I've been in a while, even though it's a tiny crowd. Vienna's crowd are some of the most supportive. I could only wish that more tournaments were held here.

Alas it is not to be so. I just wanted to say that I'm not dead. It's just been so busy, that I've barely had the chance to eat, let alone update social things ^^;

Though, even though I've been doing nothing but training and playing, the media still somehow manages to see stuff that I didn't know about myself! Any articles about me dating models are wrong, trust me. I'm still gay. Nothing's changed since I was 16.

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Somebody kill me now. I've been training from five in the morning to seven at night, while only stopping to eat lunch. What is wrong with me? *flops bonelessly onto bed*

In other words, Atobe, you'd better be ready for Kaminaga to place an order for a tonne of new plants. I went to go and see him yesterday and we managed to wrack up four sides of A4 sheets worth of improvements to be made in both England and your Japan estate. Good luck with that.

And I love my fans, I really do, but please, if you know anybody who is a rabid fan, can you ask them to not send me lingerie? It's mortifying, pretty disgusting if they've been used and I'm not going to keep them. I'd prefer a letter or an email.



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